Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Moldy Jell-O White House is Topical

I'm so sorry, Jell-O Art fans, but I just haven't been able to make any Jell-O in the longest time. A couple of weeks ago I had more surgery, this time to take the metal out of my poor right foot, which made for several more weeks of sitting with the foot propped up and no mobility. It all went fine and is almost healed up again, but now Holiday Market is about to start and I doubt I will pick up the Jell-O again until January.

 It's sad, but that's the way life goes. Things get in the way of other things. January through April is the traditional time for Jell-O and I'm sure when the time is right I will find the thrill again. 

In the meantime, go here and see some excellent photos of masterful gelatin sculpture by Liz Hickock. She has much more fame and a much more substantial budget than I do, and I admire her and her work very much. After you admire, make sure to google Jell-O Art and click on some images of mine, so I will mount in internet fame and not lose any more ground. Maintainingfame is not so simple, and requires a lot of effort.

One piece I did manage to complete was of an orchid and butterfuly inside a glass jar, which was a nice way to package the stuff so it can sit on a shelf without getting dusty. I used some of the leftover pieces from my book construction to make the wings and other parts and it was quite lovely. This I gave to the wonderful George Filgate who took the charming photos of me and my Jell-O.

Of course as you can see, photos don't really do justice to Jell-O sculpture, certainly not the photos I take in my kitchen with no preparation. Still, it was a fun piece to make and it looked quite lovely in its jar.

Hope you all are making your Jell-O without my encouragement, and  I promise to let you know as soon as I start back into the process.