Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick Update

And from April to August I made no Jell-O! With my broken foot, I found it challenging enough to keep up with the work of healing and making my Saturday Market/Country Fair retail work. My trays of brilliantly colored petals and leaves sat and gathered dust in my project room, and most of the Jell-O Art Museum was packed away. 

But then I was invited to be a Celebrity Judge for the 30th Annual Slug Queen Competition! I was invited in my celebrity persona, the Queen of Jell-O Art, and thus I entered into a mad dash to costume myself appropriately for the occasion and do my best to promote the silliness. I will add to it by my very presence!

My costume is red and black and I had a new apron custom-made to enhance my look. I re-borrowed the magnificent cape and embellished my crown with yet more Jell-O in the form of a gigantic slug sculpture that had apparently been made for this purpose as it fit perfectly atop my head.

There will be many pictures, you can be sure. It will be a grand occasion and even though I am not the focus, not at all, it is still a huge 15 minutes of fame for me.

I made two public appearances yesterday, in costume. One was at breakfast for my dear friend Pamela, where because I am too cheap to figure out a present that doesn't involve Jell-O Art or t-shirts (and she is expressly forbidden to accept any more tote bags) and many in the young crowd were dazzled by my regal presence. Who doesn't admire ruffles and shiny things? 

The other was a brief sojourn down to Seven Stars Childcare where the children are not phased by me by now, having had many Jell-O Art visits over the years. I went in search of better socks (alas, my still-not-finished foot requires padding and really carefully chosen shoes) as Deb is the source of most of my really cool socks, and I came back with crinolines, which I badly needed to hide my bike shorts which will serve as a slip. 

I am not naturally very glamorous, as you might have guessed from my choice of town, Eugene, which is at best a casually dressed small city. I had to go buy mascara and look into the Halloween stuff for lipstick (will fake blood work?). I'm not going to get very far into it, as I tried out the lipstick and looked far more like a clown than a Queen. Don't want to confuse anyone. But I found the right socks, and will wear a smidge of eye shadow I suppose, if I can manage to get it all together in time.

So tonight, at the Park Blocks, I will be very showy and you will want to see the show. As far as I know I will not be called upon to display any talent or wit but you never know what the occasion might bring. I may be castigated for upstaging an Old Queen or two, but I hope to mollify them with my Jell-O Art slugs of which I have made quite a few new ones. I made a lot of roses too and might give some of those to the lucky winner and her court, or not.

Who knows how it will go? I confess I have a favorite (come on, she knit her whole costume! It took over a year!) , but will remain as objective as possible  until the moment I cast my vote. (I also find other candidates intriguing.) There are seven candidates, quite excessive sliminess, so it should be a wonderful show. I plan to appear to be rapt the entire time as I fidget with my costume details and wonder whether or not to take a pain pill when no one is looking at me. My foot, my foot. 

Come down to the Park Blocks with your lawn chair! You will laugh your socks off if you wear any. You will go home lighter unless you decide to try the Slug Trap. If you have any questions about the history, etc., the Slug Queens have a very well-written website. Join me for my most glorious moment for which I actually had a chance to prepare! 

You will not be disappointed. Unless you are one of those people who looks around on Christmas morning and wonders if that is all there is. Keep looking, if you are. There is almost always one more present somewhere, under some leaf, in some garden. 

And of course there is always Jell-O Art, which by it's very nature, can not disappoint.