Sunday, July 5, 2015


Last night the Radar Angels and the Queen of Jell-O Art got to stand on the stage of Art and the Vineyard and receive the Community Partner of the year award from Maude Kerns Art Center, handed to me by the Mayor of Eugene, Kitty Piercy! Then we sang "Come Go With Me" and Kitty sang too. A big thanks to Marty Chilla for making that happen and for all the people who pretended it was okay that I flubbed the lyrics. I knew when Kitty handed me that mic I was in trouble. I did not go to any of the rehearsals! Too busy. Good thing I have such a loving public and a stunning crown.

I totally missed the opportunity to have the mayor put on some Jell-O; just forgot to take any in my haste to get there after my Saturday Market day. My costume turned out terrific I must say, well worth the $21.50 I spent on Thursday to get the basic items. Ron Pike's suitcase full of red, white and blue gear really worked for me. I wonder if he would sell me the red net tutu.

The Radar Angels are an amazing group to be a member of. We few old traditionals have been doing this together since the late-70's, and incredible lifetime of friendship and art. Lots of people who don't really participate in the performing or Jell-O Art are still members and occasionally admit to it. We have all kinds of us, all gender combinations and some new kids and people who have wanted to be members for years and just found out how easy it can be.

The art is the driving force, but the support for each other and the caring community of us is the content that really keeps us going. It's mostly Indi, of course, so persistent and so steady, always inviting and complimenting and carrying the honesty and heart. I most certainly would not be there or maybe even an artist without her. I'll stop there because there are many people to thank, old and young, and I have too much work to do.

I know there were some photos taken of me in that costume which may never reappear in its entirety so I will come back and post one if I get one in the next couple of days. I am off to the Mall of the Woods and have a ton of things to organize and make happen before then, but I did want to remark upon our luck and our joy at being awarded this honor. Thank you to Maude Kerns staff and volunteers and thank you to the best Eugene Mayor ever. We are happy to serve!

It was pretty cute when that southern Slug Queen tried to grab my award. I hope I didn't hurt her when I pushed her out of the way. Mwah!