Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New fascination

Oh, have I mentioned I have a Facebook page for Gelatinaceae?
I got the URL today, which is

I put some of my scarves and flags up too, as well as on my Weebly site, which is Gelatinaceae
as well. You pronounce that Jell-at-in-aay-sea, by the way, almost Jell-Oh-in-a-sea which is what I am making, if you think of the world as a sea and if you think that way at all.

Made four new fascinators over the weekend, bringing my total of presentable ones to seven. I discovered that the hairbands on the ones I had been wearing look worn, so I can't sell them. It's really hard to resist wearing the new ones! I seem to require a renewing supply of fascinating Jell-O to wear, so that if nothing else might keep me going indefinitely.

I'm working on a bigger piece, maybe a cake decoration or just a stand-alone arrangement. Actually I am not working on it this week, because I have too many other things to do. Seems like Sunday and Monday, which are supposed to be my days off, are the days I get to do Jell-O Art. That's what I get for adding a new product so different from my old ones.

Working on better display, too, so people can tell that they are meant to be worn, and not be afraid to ask about them.

The slugs never did sell at Eugene Celebration time, or should I say I sold just a few instead of the flock I had made. Can't call them a flock, maybe a slimey of slugs. Anyway I will give them to any and all slug queens who come by to see them. I gave one to Peterella, who thanked me profusely and will give it a good home I am sure.

Still haven't seen the Slug Queen herself at the Market, but she will come someday I know.

Sounds like a Disney song with a twist.

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